We understand the special meaning each piece of jewelry or watch may have to it’s owners. We take this into consideration each time it is handled. A benefit of working with Trung Do’s is that all work is done under one roof by our experienced and trusted staff.

After being received, packages are opened under a surveillance system that is monitored by our armed Security Team. Package contents are verified with the packing list to ensure that we’ve received the correct items with the correct descriptions. If any issues are found, customers are notified immediately by our Customer Service Department. Once the package contents are verified, each item is inspected by an expert jeweler to determine if there are any obvious issues beyond the original repair request. (i.e. missing stones, cracked shank, tips missing, etc.). After inspection we inventory each item, documenting the company/store information, the repair information and take multiple photos of each piece of the merchandise.

This is logged into our secure and proprietary Job Management System. A Job Card is created along with a Barcode,which is are to track the item throughout our secure facility. (As a client you have access to your repair information 24/7 via our website. Click here for access now!)

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